maison du gruyère – pringy

The location of the ‘Maison du Gruyère’ in the village of Pringy is in the heart of the Gruyère region.

Indeed, the views are varied and breath-taking (the Moléson, the castle of Gruyère, the Fribourg mountain chain). The project logically proposes a direct connection with its context.

Inside the building, the museum tour begins with a climb (to the pasture) via a long slope and a passage in front of the existing cattle route. It continues with a view of the Moléson Mountain at the end of the first leg. At the centre of the experience, the visitor can explore the manufacturing of Gruyère cheese in huge tanks. A gourmet workshop and a tasting room complete this sensory trail.

Guests can then stop at the restaurant, which offers a view overlooking the castle, before descending again towards the Gruyère shop.

The composition of the building expresses the reason for and interlacing of its functions related to the manufacture of Gruyère products.

The front signals the building entry and helps differentiate the outdoor spaces.

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