We are a-rr., a team of professionals passionate about strong, sustainable concepts and their implementation. We care about the design and realisation of each project developed in our urban planning, architecture and interior design departments.

a-rr. was created in Lausanne 20 years ago. The Board of Directors, set up in 2011, has since developed a solid history of sharing the individual and complementary personal expertise of its members Eva Siebmanns, Noémie Goldman, Hervé Betton, Jean-Patrick Chatelain and Sébastien Rey, who became the practice’s owners in January 2018.

a-rr. means architecture and retail rites and was founded by Jacques Python. The initial focus on retail architecture has seen a steady evolution towards urbanistic considerations, innovative constructive solutions and a wide scope of building types. Today, our projects tackle all scales, phases and topics around the built environment.

a-rr. includes a synergy of skills that helps to identify the multiple expectations of clients and respond to subtle societal changes.

a-rr. advocates for respectful and responsible architecture. Our teams of urban planners, architects and designers work in a spirit of openness and respect. By accurately capturing the needs of our clients, our proposals are pertinent and sustainable. Our projects add meaning — for humans, for society, its evolutions, dynamisms and balances and for the contexts and landscapes, urban or not, in which they are inscribed.

We are a-rr. in Lausanne, Place Saint-François.