les bains du parc – morges – final tour

The project is in harmony with the pre-existing context, which is characterised by its great wealth of landscapes. The site is bounded by Lake Geneva, the beach of Cure d’Air and is very close to the Castle of Morges, the Independence Park and the new Sports Park. It is envisaged with several playgrounds, green spaces and a new public beach.

The project is a compact building, freeing up a maximum of green space to preserve the essence and visual permeability of the site by making maximum use of the overlays of elements of the programme. The ground surface of the building focuses on the influence of the construction of the current pool. The outdoor swimming pool represents one of the fundamental anchor points at the site.

The project is linked to the landscaping profile of the new sports park and offers a sequence of public spaces, such as terraces facing the sports fields, a public square that is open to the centre and possible connections with the adjacent beaches, in association with complementary activities in the swimming pool.

The programme is part of a compact concept; however, in a search for lightness and dissolution of volume, the project reinterprets the current buildings present on the site and transcribes them through a composition of four separate pavilions. Each pavilion responds specifically to the needs of different users according to age, means and desires in order to offer a centre open to all, thanks to a versatile programme. The latter proposes a clear and legible organisation of the functions in the dedicated spaces of three pavilions, located on the ground floor: the sports pavilion, the family pavilion and the fun pavilion, leaving room for a fourth, upstairs: the wellbeing pavilion.

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