gland gare sud ll

This residential building project is part of a strategic residential fabric that is densifying south of Gland railway station. The architectural response is a compact, identity-enhancing volume. The challenge is to propose typologies of great rationality in order to offer quality housing at an affordable rental price. Clockwork precision in the dimensions and articulations of spaces without circulation areas is key.

In a spirit of flexibility, the layout proposes a multi-purpose corner room that allows the size of the living room to be modulated and to offer an additional room. It can temporarily be used as a separate space, for example a children’s room, a home office, a guest room, etc.

Balconies surrounding the entire building create a visual filter that provides privacy while offering additional space that conveys grandeur to the different living spaces.

All the questions raised for housing in today’s world are themes that we are passionate about and that we address in this project.

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