europe 8 – lausanne

The building at Place de l’Europe 8 is a historic edifice of the City of Lausanne. Originally designed as a storage unit at a time when the Flon district was still an industrial zone, it now houses several shops and offices.

Time has passed but the building has retained its industrial and noble character without major changes to the architecture of the facade. Located on Place de l’Europe, it enjoys a privileged position, benefiting from excellent visibility from several points on the square and serving as a gateway to the Flon district.

After several colorimetric tests, a-rr. proposes a clear and radical approach. The treatment of the facade in white monochrome highlights the ornaments of the facade by increasing the contrasts linked to the shadows. In this simplified architecture, the concept is to highlight the mouldings that characterise the facade as well as the signage of the shops of the time.

The addition of several vertical kakemonos makes it possible to follow the logic of commercial signage in the Flon district.

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