temple 2 – coppet

Located in the old town of Coppet, this building was built in the 17th century. At the time, it housed a butcher’s shop with its own slaughterhouse. At the back of the shop, a barn was used as a livestock depot. Almost all of this volume is now inhabited.

In order to understand the complex volumetry, a site survery was translated into the form of a digital model.

A series of sketches were made to imagine several programs occupying this volume. One of the selected scenarios proposes a division of the building into a three-storey small house and 4 independent apartments.

The dwellings are equipped with double height loggias that are hidden behind the period stone façade. This strategy makes it possible to increase the glass façade’s area and thus bring a lot of light into the interior, while respecting the authentic character of the place.

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