collège du verney – puidoux – first-prize winning entry

The new ‘College du Verney’ in Puidoux is situated on a site already partially occupied by a school that’s capacity had to be greatly increased.

Today, it houses the new programme of the Centre of Child Life, the swimming pool, the library and two special classes.

The sound structure of the existing building, its stability, the good condition of the concrete and the quality of the previously constructed surfaces are what has led us to consider it as a point of attachment for the development of the project.

The new building consists of a lightweight metal structure on piles to meet the constraints of a swampy terrain. The arrangement of classes, which is based on a system of repeated modules on a regular grid, depicts a contemporary construction with a star-shaped geometry that provides the maximum number of façades. Circulation areas in an accelerated perspective reduce the perception of length and ensure the efficient management of student flows.

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