buyère – bussigny – 1st prize

This large scale project for “Arc-En-Ciel – Cocagne-Buyère” in Bussigny, will provide a mixed use development providing a gross area of 90,400 sqm. This development was the subject of a multidisciplinary workshop process which resulted in guidelines for the global perimeter of the “Buyère” land-use plan.

A first construction stage, itself divided into 4 sectors, concerns the southern sector of the future district, delimited by the “Crissier – Bussigny” motorway junction, the Crissier road and the Buyère road. Our project for the so-called “sector B” accommodates approximately 5,000 sqm of hotel space as well as 7,600 sqm of mixed activities such as large specialist shops, showrooms, small businesses and workshops, teaching spaces, co-working spaces, fitness and restaurants. Building the gateway to this future district, the hotel building has a high representative value due to its location, size and resolutely urban architecture.

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